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Hello, I'm Seal with a Pen! I love easy listening music, the video game Minecraft, and of course, discussing and writing about politics and current events. After several years of writing content for some of my friends, I've decided to try my hand at journalism and take my content to a wider audience.

At the core of Positive Politics is a desire to improve our political climate by reporting and analyzing current events and politics with a moderate and balanced viewpoint. I may not be perfect at achieving this, but I'll try my best! In today's sharply divided and polarized world, many people seem to have forgotten that most of us share common goals: happiness, prosperity, sustainability, health and wellness, etc. I aim to help others overcome these divides through my writing. I may further share commentary on government, political history, or other facets of political science as this project develops.


Disclaimer: I write largely from the perspective of the United States of America. Please forgive me if my ethnocentrism gets in the way of what I'm trying to share.

Please let me know what you think of my work, and feel free to make me aware of any issues or omissions in my work. I strive to listen to others, and while I won't respond to offensive or vulgar comments, I thrive on constructive criticism.


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